Ray Peterson
Ray Peterson on vocals and rhythm guitar got his first guitar when he was sixteen. At that stage the guitar was just an accessory to hang around his neck and impress the girls in high school. Well that idea worked like a screen door on a submarine so he thought he might as well learn how to play it.

Every genre of music seems to have associated with it its special clothing, accessories and sometimes language but no era of music can match the sheer excitement of the 50ís and 60ís in clothes, cars, milk bars, record hops and hair styles.

Itís not just a coincidence that in those days people held their partner when dancing. The beat in the music made them do it. Itís lucky for Ray and the band that people today still want to hear that beat from a live band because thatís what keeps the music alive.

Geoff has been playing in bands since first starting  
out, like so many musicians do, with mates from  
school.  Again, like many others, he became a bass  
player because no one else in the band wanted to  
do it.  He plays six-string guitar, bass guitar and  

Geoff's musical tastes cover many different genres  
and he has played a lot of different styles over the  
years. He has a particular fondness for roots music  
and the raw, energetic sounds of the 50s and early  
60s.  So Old 45s are just the ticket.  

Among his musical heroes are Chuck Berry, Jerry  
Lee Lewis, Stray Cats, Sex Pistols and of course,  
Paul McCartney and his mates with the funny hair.
Geoff Lawrie