Ken leads our "string section" with his beloved Tele and likes nothing more than crank it up and let it rip.....(typical lead guitarist!!). He would play Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry songs all night if we let him. Ken believes Rock & Roll finished in 1965 and so it's hard to convince him to play anything later then that. But a good song is a good song whenever it's written so he usually comes around....eventually!
Ken Ord and his "Black Flash" Tele
Ian Smythe
Rhythm is the driving force behind a good rock and roll band and we are lucky to have Ian Smythe sitting in our ďdriverís seatĒ.  Ianís first foray into music was at the tender age of 9 when he commenced piano lessons. But all Ian, the Gladstone boy, ever wanted to do though, was play drums, so it wasnít till he left high school that he bought his first set of Premier drums. That got the journey started and heís been listening to bad drummer jokes ever since.  The thing is though if you are passionate about something then you just keep getting better and better at it.  Thatís Ian - he loves his work and so do we!