Ray plays a USA Stratocaster  with a Dimarzio bridge pick up.  He runs this through a Boss Delay, Compressor and in line Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner. All that goes to a Laney VC30210 amp.
Old 45's use Yamaha MSR 400's as front of house speakers and Elvis Alto 200 watt foldback.  This is mixed with a Yamaha 16fx mixer and we use SM58 microphones.  All of our PA gear was supplied by Music Express at Mt Gravatt
Ken's "Black Flash" tele guitar is a Fender American standard Telecaster and runs through an ibanez delay pedal to a Kustom "The Defender" 50w amp.
Ian plays a 5 piece Mapex Meridan kit.  In cymbals, the high hat and the crash are Impressions, hand hammered of course, and the ride is a UFIP- a great Italian company that were making church bells and branched out to cymbals in 1931.  Ian uses Zildjian 7A nylon tipped sticks and his stool is a 50 year old Premier supplied with his original Premier kit.   Would a great drummer use anything else.
Geoff has a few basses that he swaps between, depending on how the mood takes him.   
His 1975 Rickenbacker is an old favourite but it weighs a ton so doesn't get let out much  
these days. The lightweight Hofner "Beatle Bass" is a much more practical option.

Amp wise, it's mostly the Gallien-Kreuger 700RB through a David Eden 4 x 10 cab.  Geoff  
uses Shure mics and a Shure PGX21 wireless transmitter. "I tripped over my own lead  
once while playing on a borrowed bass. It was pretty spectacular," he says, "I went  
straight out and bought a wireless system and have used it ever since."