Music Resources

Just a few notes and ideas for anyone that is interested.  If you used to play in a band or you want to play in a band, a good start is an organization called Weekend Warriors.   Ellaways Music used to run this program in Brisbane but now have ceased.  Check the web site for a location near you. 

They have an intake every few months or so and match up a lead player with a rhythm player, a bass player and a drummer.  Each band has a coach and they choose five or so songs and work on them as a band to perform at a concert at the end of their course.  Ken and Ray did this course to hook up with a bass player and a drummer and that's where we met Ray Baxter, our bass player, so the system works.

Some people say it's a lot of bullshit if you just want to play music, but being in a band is about the band and not about you.  This piece of information can be a pain in the rear end to your average child prodigy or musical genius but unfortunately it is a truth they will learn the hard way.  So if you are up for a challenge give Weekend Wariors a call and plug into a group of people who daydream about the same stuff as you do.
Weekend Warriors programs are run in most major cities - so check it out where you go to buy that guitar pick for a dollar after you've asked the salesman to let you play his latest USA strat.

Just a word of warning when you get to choosing your band members.  If you have a choice between the guy who is a superior musician and never wants to let you forget it and the guy who is an average musician but gets along great with the other band members, it's a no brainer.  Go with the guy that fits in, not the "prima donna."  He's a self made man that worships his creator.  You don't need him.

Watch this space and I guess Kenny and I will add little gems of wisdom as they occur to us !!!
LEARNING GUITAR - If you are learning guitar and are after an excellent reference site, go to justinguitar.com.  Justin Sandercoe is passionate about teaching and you will soon see that he has an apptitude for doing just that.  Many good guitar players just dont have a clue about how to pass their knowledge on to someone else.  Justin takes the time to teach you the right way.  He'll teach you the short cuts and tricks as well.  So take a look and see for yourself.

If you already play guitar check out mytwangyguitar.com for some great DVD's on how to play some Chuck Berry classics.

Zero in on how to play classic rock 'n' roll lead guitar with Nick Minnion at  secretguitarteacher.com